How to interpret the report?

How to interpret the report


As cancer cells multiply to form a tumor, they continue to change - becoming more and more different from each other.

Hence, each cancer is different from the other. Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) number is a personal indicator of a patient's cancer status and must not be used to compare with data of other patients.

O CTCs is indicative of a disease free status. it only means that at present cancer cells are not present in your bloodstream. A cancer cell which may be dormant currently may express itself later. It is essential to continuously monitor the status of cancer.

1-15 CTCs is indicative of early stage and localized cancer. In this situation the CTC number can be used as a baseline and the next test done may determine increase/decrease from the baseline.

15+ CTCs means presence or aggressive indicator of metastasis progression. Approach your Oncologist with the test results. Only an Oncologist is qualified to decide on the course of action based on the test results.

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) are indicative of the real time status of cancer. Based on previous results, it becomes a useful to tool to monitor progression. Hence, it is important to do the test on regular intervals to monitor the condition with respect to the initial baseline number.